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Ruban Pillai

I first started public speaking to overcome my fear of stuttering. Now I speak to spread awareness of the challenge and help people get out of their own way and express themselves. Public speaking is one of the most common fears so you are not alone. Take your first step by joining a public speaking club and you can turn one of your greatest fears into your strongest skill


Suttering (also known as stammering) is an involuntary disruption of speech. This usually looks like blocks or repetition of sounds and has serious emotional and psychological implications. I have been stuttering since I was 4 years old and it did affect me through school, university and employment. I’ve had some great public speaking experiences and I’m not afraid of stuttering public. Being comfortable in my own skin and expressing myself has been the key. Identify what is holding you back, find ways to flip the script and rewrite your own narrative.

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